"...I have no doubt some serious work went into getting the formula just right because no one flavor dominates, the spice and seasonings all meld together beautifully. I couldn't stop dunking my short ribs into this sauce. I'm convinced it would make just about anything taste good."

– Amy Sherman, Cooking with Amy

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Being in the Right Place at the Bi-Rite Time

Photo by p200Eric via Flickr
Imagine you just started producing a brand new artisan barbecue sauce. You have no customers, let alone any stores that carry it. What would be your ultimate fantasy scenario for being “discovered?” Maybe it would go a little something like this…

You get invited by a friend to sell your sauce at something called the New Taste Market. It’s held once a month in a church on Potrero Hill, and features a collection of local food producers.

A buyer named Alli from Bi-Rite Market, considered San Francisco’s premier neighborhood grocery store, happens to be there and tries your sauce. She loves it, and invites you to bring some by the store for the rest of the staff to taste. You do. They love it.

Before you know it, it’s not only on the shelves, but they’ve put a sign next to it to promote it for you! Yep, that sure would be like the dream scenario. Well, that’s what happened! That’s exactly how SFQ made it into it’s first store, and we’ve been riding that wave of good fortune ever since.

One of the great things about Bi-Rite, besides the amazing selection, is the incredibly knowledgeable and passionate staff. They really take pride in learning about each product, how it’s made, as well as how it’s best enjoyed.

It’s been a great relationship, and one that continues to flourish to this day. So, thanks again to Alli, Sam the owner, and the rest of their incredible staff. Remember, dreams do come true…sometimes literally.

Please enjoy this beautiful video, which was shot to promote Bi-Rite’s cookbook, Eat Good Food. It does a way better job than I ever could of explaining why Bi-Rite is such a unique and special place. Enjoy!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Fresh Meat! SFQ Now Available at San Francisco’s Salumeria

We are proud to announce that SFQ will now be available at Salumeria, a new deli and specialty food shop in the Mission. Salumeria was opened by the same team that operates Flour + Water and Central Kitchen, and features a wide array of take-out/eat-in gourmet goodness.

Chef Thomas McNaughton's newest venture is quickly gaining a loyal following by serving some impressive sandwiches, as well as housemade pates, cheese plates, and salads. For more info on this exciting new addition to San Francisco’s food scene, please check out their website here, or better yet, stop in and pick up something delicious, and of course, a jar or two of SFQ. Enjoy!

Photo courtesy of Salumeria

Friday, August 17, 2012

Somewhere Over at Rainbow

We’re always telling people what a great sauce SFQ is for non-traditional barbecues, so it was a great validation of that boast when we found out that one of San Francisco’s original alternative markets, Rainbow Grocery, was going to begin carrying the sauce.

Hey, when it comes to barbecue sauce, it doesn’t get any more non-traditional than meat-free! That’s right, Rainbow Grocery doesn’t sell any meat at all, and yet they still realized the potential for this unique condiment for use with their extensive selection of vegetables and soy products. Spicy grilled tofu anyone?

Anyway, if you’re in the Bay Area and have never shopped at this worker-owned grocery store, be sure to head over and take a look. They also have a great selection of health and home products, and the staff is great. Check out their website for more information. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Barbecue Vinaigrette! As Easy as 1, 2, 4!

And by 1, 2, 4, I’m referring to combining one part barbecue sauce with two parts vinegar and four parts oil, which are the magical proportions for mixing up a batch of what I think will be the most delicious salad dressing you’ve tasted in a while. 

Next time you’re thinking salad, why not change it up a bit? This recipe could not be any easier. Forget the blender, forget the drizzling and the whisking... all you need is to pour those three ingredients into a mason jar.

Hopefully, you’re already a fan of SFQ, and its traditional applications, but this recipe offers another great way to enjoy this versatile sauce.

Barbecue Vinaigrette Recipe
(makes about 1 3/4 cups)
1/4 cup SFQ
1/2 cup rice wine vinegar
1 cup vegetable oil

Add ingredients to a mason jar, screw the top on tightly, shake vigorously for one minute and viola!

Serving Suggestions: Use this for literally any recipe or dish that calls for vinaigrette. Above you can see this dressing a raw corn salad.  Another easy salad idea is to toss it with baby spinach and crumbled bacon, and if you'd like,  topping it with a few chicharrones makes for a great and surprising crouton idea. I hope you give this delicious dressing a try soon. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

SFQ Selected as Semi-Finalist in The Next Big Small Brand Contest!

Big News! This past Thursday, I found out that SFQ was a chosen as a semi-finalist in “The Next Big Small Brand Contest!”

This is the third year of the contest, but the first time San Francisco and the Bay Area have been invited to face off with other New York culinary entrepreneurs in what is being described as a friendly food fight!

If you'd like to follow our progress, I’ll be posting updates on twitter. If you're not already following @SFQsauce, please do. Stay tuned!


Just wanted to inform you, that we were not chosen as finalists. While we were honored to be selected as semi-finalists, the ultimate winner will be announced on March 27th. Thank you for rooting for us and for your continued support! And best of luck to all those still in the running!