"...I have no doubt some serious work went into getting the formula just right because no one flavor dominates, the spice and seasonings all meld together beautifully. I couldn't stop dunking my short ribs into this sauce. I'm convinced it would make just about anything taste good."

– Amy Sherman, Cooking with Amy

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

How to SFQ Your Summer Salad

Here's the scenario: you’re hosting a backyard party and the ideas for main courses have come relatively easy, but coming up with some creative side dishes has presented a bit more of a challenge. If you’re in such a pickle, then consider a barbecue sauce vinaigrette made with SFQ!

Not only is this recipe easy and delicious, it's also unexpected, and I’ll bet it will be something your friends have not yet had, but will certainly love. Simply add a few spoons of SFQ to a bowl, and whisk in some rice vinegar, followed by your favorite vegetable oil to taste. You get big flavor, and the SFQ helps the vinaigrette emulsify easily and quickly.

My favorite seasonal salad for this application is raw corn. Shave raw corn into a bowl, add some beans, diced red peppers, and green onions, and finally the dressing. It's sweet, tangy, crunchy, and subtly smoky, and shines with the familiar colors and flavors of summer.

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