"...I have no doubt some serious work went into getting the formula just right because no one flavor dominates, the spice and seasonings all meld together beautifully. I couldn't stop dunking my short ribs into this sauce. I'm convinced it would make just about anything taste good."

– Amy Sherman, Cooking with Amy

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Good Food Awards Go Into the Pantry

Last year around this time, I had a few fans of the sauce wish me good luck in the Good Food Awards. It was very flattering, but also a little awkward, since SFQ wasn’t actually entered. It wasn’t for lack of trying, but the awards simply didn’t have a category that our barbecue sauce fit into. Well, I’m happy to announce that has changed this year!

They’ve added a Pantry category, and not only that, but I’ve been asked to serve on the committee for this new group of products. My friend, and local artisan food maven, Alli Ball, is chairing the committee, and being able to participate with her and the other members, is quite an honor. In case your wondering, even though I'm on the committee, we can still enter SFQ, since I don’t have anything to do with the voting.

My main duty is to hunt down similar producers, and encourage them to enter their fine products. Basically, I’m trying to help assemble the toughest competition imaginable, knowing full well that the real winner is the buying public, who hopefully learns about many great, new companies by following these awards.

You can read all about it at the Good Food Awards website, and if you know of any worthy participants, please let me know! You can leave a comment here, or tweet me: @MicheleManfredi. I’m really looking forward to this celebration of authentic, and responsibly produced food, and will keep you updated as news breaks. Stay tuned!

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  1. I only learned of SFQ yesterday, while I was looking a Chef John's Twitter, and saw a Tweet from Michelle. Her profile mentioned SFQsauce . I live in SF, and had never heard of it, so I investigated further.

    Oh, THAT Michelle ... whose (always beautifully manicured) hands we see, from time to time, on the Food Wishes video!

    I saw Cal-Mart listed among the local stores that carry SFQ. They, and Antonelli's Meats which is their meat vendor, were out of it. The gentleman at Antonelli's said that he would make inquiries about ordering more ... and call me.

    I can't wait to try it. A couple of the Yelp entries touted it as a perfect accompaniment to just-about-anything. I suppose that's a good place to start.