"...I have no doubt some serious work went into getting the formula just right because no one flavor dominates, the spice and seasonings all meld together beautifully. I couldn't stop dunking my short ribs into this sauce. I'm convinced it would make just about anything taste good."

– Amy Sherman, Cooking with Amy

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!

You can get your sauce at Bi-Rite in San Francisco
(pictured here)
I wanted to wish you all a Happy Memorial Day Weekend! I hope you’ve been grilling and barbecuing already, but this is the traditional kick-off to cookout season, and to honor the occasion, I thought I would share a few of our favorite tips and tricks.

SFQ is amazing brushed on grilled vegetables, but be careful of brushing them with oil before placing over the coals. A little rubbed on the grates is okay, but oily vegetables can cause flare-ups, which will give your veggies a gasoline-like aftertaste. Just grill as is, and then toss with whatever dressing you like.

Smoky, grilled shrimp is another favorite for pairing with the sauce, and since it cooks so fast, we can break the rules and marinate with SFQ, instead of just brushing it on at the end. The sauce should be nicely caramelized by the time their cooked, and the bitterness from the random charred spots really brings out the shrimp’s sweetness.

And if you grilling steaks, SFQ makes for a surprisingly great steak sauce to serve along side. We know, “they” say a great steak doesn’t need a sauce, but try it sometime anyway, and see for yourself. Have a safe and fun holiday, and no matter what you’re eating, please enjoy!

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